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In my opinion, the most powerful and important lesson in the entire course.
The thing that hit me the most is when you said no one can define or put limitation on us even our own selves. Only Allah can do that..
This course has been amazing. It goes through all the knowledge and exercises you need for being a good speaker, I definitely recommend it
Thoroughly enjoyed the short course on public speaking. This has given me the confidence I needed for sure!
That was very powerful, the part about Allah is the one who defines us and that there are no limits to our capabilities because Allah is the unlimited was rejuvenating, the way it was explained was as if I was hearing it for the first time.
I really liked the part about past traumas, because when you start thinking and reflecting you find quite a lot of things that you didn’t even know had an affect on you. The last part about Allah defining us was freat too.
It would be awesome if you could make a summary at the end of a video the next time, jazakaAllahu khayran

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‘The Power Of Speech’ is a no fluff course designed for Muslims. It will take you from 0 to 100 in no time. By the end of this course you will have all the confidence and tools you need to be able to build and deliver powerful speeches that will create lasting change.

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Imran Hussein

Hi, I’m Imran Hussein, I have over a decade of experience in public speaking and would like to share what I have learnt with you. My commitment is to help you discover your God given speaking abilities. . .

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Not only will I help you become an influential public speaker but I will help you understand the psycho spiritual dimensions of what makes an inspiring public speaker